Access at home


Following changes that have already taken place over the summer holiday, it is necessary for all students to confirm/change their password before being able to access school email.

To change your password please follow the instructions below:

Browse to

Log in with (eg
and your normal school password

Click on Sign In

When prompted, enter your details again to change your password
(eg, your new password must be at least 6 characters
(staff passwords must be 8 characters including upper case and a number).

Click on Submit and then click OK

After approximately an hour, you will then be able to log on to your new email as below:
Browse to and when prompted, log in with your full email address (e.g. and new password.


Available at this link:
You will be required to enter your Username and Password. You should use your standard Voyager Username and your normal network password


Access Oliver at the Voyager Academy.