Student Voice Student Leadership

Student Voice Student Leadership

Student Leadership Team


"Being a student leader is helping little people make big differences”
- Year 7 student

Associate Assistant Principal
Hazel Vaughan-Dick

"All students can have their own words, but leaders unite them together"
- Year 8 student

Groups and Bodies
The Voyager Academy Council Leaders
The Voyager Academy Charity Leaders
The Voyager Academy Eco Leaders
Tutor Group Leaders
Student Leader Guides
The Voyager Academy Ambassadors
Student Panel
Subject Leaders: English, Maths, PE and Media

"Student leadership is about taking responsibility and getting everyone involved with decision making so that we can benefit the most from it."
- Year 12 student

Student Associate Governors

Why Student Leadership?

Student Leadership is imperative for the continuous progression of the quality of learning and teaching that the academy community engages with.

It involves welcoming and providing the mechanisms for an increasing level of reflection where students work in partnership with their peers, staff and the wider academy community to raise standards and aspirations for all. This develops a climate of respect and an academy ethos where student leadership is both currency and a driver for change.

Through building such relationships and individual confidence student leadership is a mechanism that actively engages all layers of the community in enhancing students' daily experiences. Students are provided with an extensive range of exciting opportunities through which their voice is not only captured but also acted on.

These opportunities enrich students' experiences through supporting them in taking responsibility and contributing to decision making in order to enhance their own and others expectations which in turn increases progression and enjoyment of learning.

Aims / Objectives

Student Leadership aims to:

  • To ensure continuous progression of quality learning through providing platforms that increase opportunities for the academy to engage as a community
  • To raise standards and aspirations for all through facilitating a positive dialogue between all students and staff
  • To challenge students and to capture their unique insights into the academy community through building them the mechanisms through which to gain recognition
  • To involve all students as active participants who can contribute to academy improvement and make a positive difference for the community
  • To enable students, throughout their life, to positively contribute and engage with others and a range of situations

Whole Academy Framework

Student leadership is an invaluable gateway through which to develop key skills for employment as well as learning. It promotes teamwork, builds confidence, develops independence and differentiates responsibilities to reflect growing maturity levels. The increased engagement in school life fosters an interest in life-long learning and promotes a sense of belonging which will support students in fulfilling their potential, both academically and as a person.