In order to support you in preparing for your GCSE exams a number of your teachers have provided some useful websites to support your revision.

They have also recommended useful resources.

We hope your revision goes well and that you are rewarded for your efforts with success in the summer.


Includes revision material, activities and tests for the different papers.

Includes sections to help with vocabulary and grammar.

Teacher In My Pocket series is very useful for English, Maths and Science - available through Youtube.


The best resources for History are the Three electronic copies of the Text book. These can be found in the start menu- all programs- HCS- History- Making of the Modern World. These have exam zones. Access to different types of question and all content you may need.


Make sure you revise the right topics.
The exams in June will only test the Unit 3 topics.
If you use the MathsWatch CD-Rom it is easy to find the Unit 3 topics: select ‘Modular’, then ‘Edexcel’ and then ‘Unit 3’.

On the shared drive the ‘Year 11’ folder in the ‘Mathematics’ folder contains some useful revision materials. Here you will find MathsWatch Essential Questions and MathsWatch worksheets. Both of these include the answers so you can check your work. Also in the folder is the document MathsWatch clips for each unit which has the numbers of the MathsWatch clips you need for Unit 3 highlighted in yellow.

Contains everything you need for your Maths revision.
Select Booster Packs and choose ‘Ds to Cs’, ‘Cs 2 Bs’ or ‘A 2 AStar’.
For each topic you can ‘Revise it’ and then have a go at the ‘Online worksheet’.

This is another excellent revision site.
For each topic you can choose to ‘Revise’ or have a go at the ‘Test’.


This is a very good website that can be used for science GCSE exams and BTEC assignments.
For GCSE it has a revision section that will help you to write study cards and mind maps.
It also has the AQA examples of questions to practise for the exam.
For BTEC you can use it as research for the understanding to scientific concepts e.g. cloning.

This website is very useful for Physics revision notes and simple questions for P1a&b, P2 and P3.

This website is very useful for Biology revision notes and simple questions for B1a&b, B2 and B3.

Having problems balancing equations try this ‘Balancing equations’ games.

Chemistry games.

This website is good mainly for Advanced chemistry.
In the start menu under science there is an ‘AQA online revision’ package.
This contains all AQA past exam questions that can be used be timed to match your exam.
It gives very useful feedbackthat you can make notes on to enhance your revision and performance.

Business Studies

A site with revision materials for each topic and also activities to test your understanding. The site has lots of videos and interactive activities making it a more fun site.

This site has a range of topics to examine in order to help you revise. They also have sections where you can try exam based questions where they provide exemplar answers to check your understanding.

If you require extra revision notes on a particular topic this is the site where additional information can be collected.

This is a fun based website where a range of games and activities can be completed to enhance your understanding of key words and definitions.

This site provides information on key topics learnt in lessons. It also provides information about different businesses (case study information), which is good practice for the exams as the questions are always based on a particular business.

Design Technology - all

Includes revision material, activities and tests for the different subjects. Product Design students need to look at both the Graphics and the Resistant Materials pages.

  • Electronics
  • Graphics
  • Product Design

Information on Electronics, Graphics and Product Design, includes revision material and tests.

Religious Studies

On the shared drive in the ‘Human and Cultural Studies’ folder click the ‘RS’ folder and then ‘GCSE’. This contains some useful revision materials. Here you will find revision Power Points, exam questions, model answers.

The following revision websites will be useful for Religious Studies:

Includes revision notes and questions.

Revision notes on abortion, marriage and euthanasia.

Studies-revision revision PowerPoint’s.

Has materials to revise and then test yourself.


This is part of the website for AQA GCSE Sociology. From here you can download a copy of the specification (which tells you all the things examiners could ask about in the exam) and copies of past exam papers.

A fun set of activities for revising GCSE Sociology, includes quizzes, wordsearches, jigsaws etc.

Good range of revision notes on different topics relating to GCSE Sociology.

Range of worksheets and other materials produced by Bryn Hafren School in Wales. These are aimed at the Welsh Board syllabus but lots of the materials are also relevant to AQA.

More worksheets from Bryn Hafren on various topics.

More materials from Bryn Hafren, this time key terms and questions to practice on for revision.

A set of pictures relating to key terms in education with definitions from Oldham Sixth Form College.