Assistant Principal 14-19 Pathways and Progression

Sally Tetlow

Senior Post 16 Advisor

Sarah Olson

General Information


Our main way of contacting you/informing you of events and updates is via the Academy email system.  You need to check your Academy email account each day.
You need to discuss with your tutor and advise Ms Olson/Ms Tetlow if:

  • Your contact or personal  details change
  • You pick up or want to change/drop a subject


You need to phone the Academy or email if you are going to be absent, giving a reason, before 9.30 am.


No phones/mp3 players are to be used during lesson time around the Academy, in the Street, Learning Resource Centre or in the Post 16 area –  they can be used in the Post 16 area during Break and lunch time

Post 16 Study Area expectations:

  • The Study Area is a quiet working area, not a place to have a chat
  • All food is to be eaten in the kitchen area, not at computers or around the study tables
  • The maintenance and tidiness of the Study Area is everyone’s responsibility – clear up after yourself, return plates/mugs etc to Ecovert, use the bins provided!

Learning Resource Centre expectations:

  • Computers in the LRC are for single person use, not group work
  • The LRC is a quiet working area
  • The LRC code of conduct needs to be followed at all times
  • No food or drink is to be taken into the LRC

Fire drill arrangements

Please familiarise yourself with the plan and instruction sheet in this handbook. If you are in the Post 16 Study Area, you must use the fire exit at the back of the room, NOT the main staircase onto the Street.

Transport and Team Peterborough arrangements

Post 16 students are not permitted to bring cars on the Academy site (parking restrictions)
If you travel to another school you need to:

  • Use the minibus provided, arriving in good time to set off
  • Carry your ID
  • Follow the Dress Code and Code of Conduct of the school you are visiting
  • Ensure you know the fire procedures of the school you are visiting
  • Advise Ms Olson/Ms Tetlow in advance if you will be unable to attend, giving a reason

Signing in/out

If you are coming in to the Academy to study and do not have a lesson, you need to sign in at the main office so that we know you are on site. Similarly, when you leave you need to sign out. We need this information for Health and Safety and Fire regulations.

Dress Code


There is no set uniform, as such, for students in Post 16 at The Voyager Academy. Traditionally the term office dress has been used as a guideline for students, but in the modern office climate this term has become somewhat ambiguous. Below are some pointers offering guidance for what the Academy considers to be 'office dress':


Post 16 Dress Code – From June 2012

  Colours Acceptable Dress


All Colours

Full Length

Traditional style



*No denim of any colour or leggings #

Skirts/Dresses All Colours Skirts and dresses should be of a respectable length
Tops All Colours

Tailored shirts

Polo shirts

All tops to cover shoulders Must be long enough to meet the waistband of trousers/skirts
*Not low cut
*No slogans, large images or pictures

Jumpers All colours




Tank tops
Must be long enough to meet the waistband of trousers/skirts
*No slogans, large images or pictures

Outdoor Clothing All colours



Hooded tops


*All outdoor clothing to be removed once in the school building.
*No slogans, large images or pictures
Footwear All colours

Leather shoes and boots only

Enclosed sandals only

*No trainers or flip flops

 # Leggings may be worn in place of tights with dresses only.

 Tracksuits are to be worn for sports activities only