Subject Teachers

Mrs J Hamaali
Amy Youngs



2 Photographic Studios
2 Studios / Computer Suites
Adobe Photoshop on all computers


GCE / GCSE Photography – Lens and Light based media

Photography at The Voyager Academy is a highly creative and practical subject. It is fast paced and offers students the opportunity to learn exciting new skills which will prepare them in many ways for further education and beyond.

Unit 1 - Students begin the year with mini skills projects, to build up the use of the camera, studio equipment and Photoshop editing. Topics range from Action Photography to Portraiture and Still Life. This leads onto independent projects such as Weird and Wonderful.

Outcome = A portfolio of evidence / personal sketchbook


Unit 2 – (Externally set assignment) Students will continue working independently in and out of lesson time towards a theme chosen by the exam board. This again can be highly creative depending on the journey of the individual.

Outcome = 8 / 10 or 12 hour sustained focus examination with a final piece.



AS Level -

A new course structure including mixed media / digital art will help to broaden the students minds. They will not be restricted to just a camera and will be expected to advance their Photography through other art methods. Extreme creativity and thinking outside the box will be vital.

A contemporary digital part to unit 1 will enhance students use of modern day techniques whilst using the camera but will also get them thinking about, and using complex post editing tools.

Unit 3 - Personal study.

This is a very intense and personal unit with students deciding on their own type of photography to study and to master. It will involve following the work of others through re-creating their work, leading onto a more individual final utilizing new skills.

Unit 4 - Externally Set Assignment

Again this is set by the exam board. Students will work towards a set theme and it will be summed up with a 10 hour examination.