Peterborough Youth MP Election

Voyager Academy students are set to choose a candidate to compete in this year's Youth Parliament election. Students will be voting week in the beginning 21 October to choose from one of five candidates.

The winner will stand against candidates from other Peterborough schools for the position of Youth MP in a city-wide election in January. Although our candidate was not successful last year, the Voyager Academy has an excellent track record of providing either the Youth MP or Deputy Youth MP for Peterborough. Chirag Savania became Deputy Youth MP in 2014 and a Voyager candidate won one of these positions in the three years prior to that.

The UK Youth Parliament is a forum for young people aged 12-18 to discuss the issues that matter to young people. Youth MPs ideas have a real influence on both national and local politicians in shaping policies. Once a year the Youth Parliament sits in the House of Commons chamber in Westminster and Youth MPs have a chance to debate like real MPs. Youth MPs also sit on Peterborough Youth Council which discusses local issues, for example Youth Councillors are regularly involved in scrutiny of the City Council’s budget proposals.