Our Curriculum

The Voyager Academy offers students a broad and well-balanced academic curriculum which is relevant and appropriate. It enables students to study a full range of subjects at Key Stage 3, providing challenge and progression and preparation for work undertaken at Key Stage 4. In Key Stage 3, all students study English, Mathematics, Science, PE, Computer Science, Design Technology, Geography, History, Humanities/ PSHE, French or Spanish or ESOL, Art and Drama. Music and Dance will be studied for half the academic year each.

At Key Stage 4, students study subjects in the core curriculum alongside four option subjects. The core curriculum (English Literature and Language, Mathematics, Science, PE and Humanities) occupies 60% of a timetable in Year 10 and 11.

The majority of subjects are available for A-level study (Level 3), though Level 2 courses and pathways are available also. Typically, students will choose 4 subjects to study at A-level. Students will also pick up a further option area to study too, this might be: Citizenship; Critical thinking, Extended Project or they may retake their GCSE and English Maths course to improve their grades. Please note that studying English and Maths is compulsory for those who obtained below a C grade at GCSE as we are committed to helping our students to leave The Voyager Academy in a position to be ready for further education opportunities and for the workplace.

The curriculum structure for each year group in Key Stage 3:

The curriculum structure at Key Stage 4: