Media teachers:

David Barnes
Guy Hassan
Matthew Hearn
Louise Holmes

Media Overview

The Voyager offers a wide range of pathways in Media across KS4 and post 16. These courses provide students with a in depth knowledge of the workings of the media and equip them with the skills to deploy this knowledge in a practical manner. From designing DVD covers through to scripting and producing short films, Media students will build a huge skill set of theoretical and technical knowledge. Students choose one of the Media Studies pathways for various reasons; to progress to A level or degree level Media courses, to work in media industries or to support other passions such as the Create Arts, English, Sports Studies or Sociology.

Media at The Voyager Academy is an enriching, engaging and educational experience for students and staff alike.

KS4 Media Studies and Creative iMedia

Students choosing Media Studies at KS4 have a choice of two separate routes. GCSE Media Studies is a very popular course that balances academic knowledge and practical ability, making it accessible and enjoyable for all students. Cambridge National Creative iMedia was introduced to the curriculum in September 2012 and is proving successful in engaging students in a more practical design and ICT based course. Both qualification pathways will enable students to progress into Post-16 study, or jobs in the industry should they so wish.

KS5 Media Studies and BTEC in Creative Media Production

There are 4 routes available at Post 16 within the Media department.

Media Studies A-level:
Media is a popular and well subscribed subject. Many students in the past have gone on to study Media at university and this tradition will continue this academic year. The A-Level programme is evenly split between theoretical study of the media landscape and practical production work. Students study a range of media forms, and analyse how trends and movements within society can affect change in the media industry.

A-level Film Studies:
For those students with a specific passion for movies, Film Studies offers a chance to engage with the dominant Art-form of the 20th and 21st centuries. Students will both study and make films, covering a wide range of national cinemas, genres, stars, style and directors along the way. This course has a strong academic core and is well suited to students wishing to progress to university.

BTEC Level 3 Creative Media Production:
There are two pathways available within the Level 3 BTEC; Film production and Games Development. Both of these courses follow the same structure and consist of a media theory exam in the first year and a pre-production portfolio. This section of the course allows students to develop an underlying knowledge of media language across all platforms and disciplines, and to gain an detailed understanding of how to effectively plan and prepare for a an extended practical production task. The second year sees students follow up on this by responding to a commission set by the exam board and completing an extended production project based on their preparations in year one. Both courses are a two year commitment and focus on developing the skills, knowledge and working practices required to work in Industry.

Level 2 Cambridge National Creative iMedia:
Students can opt to resit English and Maths GCSE subjects at Post 16. Level 2 Creative iMedia offers a partner subject to this route, allowing a practical, engaging and creative way of exploring the media industries through a course with strong ICT links. A popular course for those wanting to stay on into Post 16 prior to beginning A-levels or Level 3 BTECs.