Gainsborough at The Voyager

The Voyager Academy were fortunate enough to win a bid to be part of the Masterpieces In Schools Project.  The Project arranges for a famous piece of art work to be loaned to the school for the day.

We were loaned the painting “Heneage Lloyd and Sister“ by Thomas Gainsborough.

It was a truly inspirational day with the Gainsborough painting. Students and staff witnessed the arrival of painting almost like a visit by the queen, We all watched with fascination as the painting was carefully unpacked.

Rachel Sinfield from the museum was like a storyteller capturing the mood of the painting she was very skilled and pitched her presentation from nursery all the way up to sixth form.
The students were very inspired and the outcomes ranged from art work to a musical piece played on the piano.

As the word spread of the arrival, Students, Teachers, Cleaning Staff and Science Technicians came to view the masterpiece. Everyone had thoughts and feelings and there was a real sense of bonding and healthy discussion about what they had witnessed with people stopping and talking Art.

One of the highlights was seeing Hayden being interviewed by the newspaper, radio and television and talking so passionately about what he had learnt. He later emailed me, thanking me and summing up what amazing day it had been.

If the aim of the project was to get art to the masses and inspiring students then this day fulfilled all expectations.