Ethos and Values

Our Core Values

  1. The highest educational standards.
    Every single student is expected to achieve to his or her utmost.
  2. Education for all types and abilities of students.
    We want students of all abilities to be well catered for within our Academy.
    Whether students are More Able and Talented or have specific Special Educational Needs, the aim is to ensure excellence for all, whatever their background.
  3. The Academy at the heart of the community.
    We believe that the Academy exists in order to serve its local community and to be a positive resource for that community.
    We want members of the local community to benefit from the facilities and resources of the Academy. We are firmly committed to work in positive partnership with all parents.
  4. Academies in partnership.
    The Voyager Academy works in partnership with the other schools in the Comberton Academy Trust, and engages with other academies to secure mutual benefits.
  5. Education with an international outlook.
    We intend our curriculum and the wider educational experience to have an international emphasis.
    This means establishing links with other academies in different parts of the world and undertaking overseas trips and exchanges.

What our values mean in practice:

  • Our college tutor system is designed to ensure that we really know and nurture the ambitions of every single child. As an Academy we can personalise the curriculum to make sure that very able children achieve at the highest academic level. We can ensure that children who start from a lower base accelerate their progress in order to catch up and every single student can make academic progress even beyond their own expectations. Our students are fortunate to be learning in an environment which provides them with outstanding access to digital media, teaching and learning spaces, state-of-the-art technology and adults who are devoted to securing the individual success of each of their students. Voyager students will be supported to achieve the highest educational standards.
  • At the Voyager Academy, we pride ourselves on recognising and nurturing a child’s individual talents so that all our students can experience success, and enjoy their learning. Facilities for the Digital Media Arts at the Voyager Academy are outstanding, and students will have opportunities to develop their skills and talents with our dedicated Media Arts teams, with their wide-ranging specialisms and background. Additionally, students at the Voyager Academy will benefit from working with professional artist, actors, musicians and multi-media practitioners; they will be able to perform in the Academy’s own, purpose-built theatre, create their own sound in our digital music studio, or tell their story using our digital film-making kits and editing suites.
    The Voyager has a reputation for excellence in the Arts and Digital Media. Our students have won awards in film making and animation; performed at music festivals and at the Royal Albert Hall; have wowed audiences with their dramatic performances, and set the web ablaze with dance flash-mobs! Whether it is as a soloist, actor, prop designer, director, cinematographer or photographer, we are committed to Voyager Academy students to have the best opportunities to experience successes that they will remember for the rest of their lives.
  • We have a strong commitment to work in positive partnership with all parents and we are investing in new technologies that will help to support this further. The Voyager Academy will continue to serve the local community and increase its scope as a local resource. There is already a wide-reaching community arts programme which we are committed to maintaining and developing further. Our impressive sports facilities also provide a resource we will use to ensure that the Academy is firmly rooted in the heart of the community.
  • The Voyager has strong links with universities and local schools for higher education learning programmes and sharing good practice. The Voyager Academy's outstanding teachers have developed links with outstanding teachers at Comberton Village College to develop inspiring approaches to the curriculum. In order to provide the very best learning experiences and outcomes for our students we are determined that we will work closely in partnership with schools and other education organisations.
  • The Voyager Academy continues to develop its global perspective through visits and technological links. We have engaged internationally (e.g. study visits to China, Canada and Scandinavia) to ensure that the education we provide has an international outlook. We are also developing a student exchange programme with the USA.

Our Priorities:

  1. To continue to improve levels of pupil progress and attainment with a focus on progress over time, Post-16 attainment & KS3 attainment.
  2. To secure outstanding leadership of teaching and learning within the new KS4 and developing KS3 & KS5 curriculum models.
  3. To improve student engagement through the college system, focus on transitions through the key stages and induction of in-year admissions.
  4. To develop opportunities for engagement with local, national and international partners – focus on specialism and marketing.
  5. To develop and implement a strategy to maintain strong strategic leadership in colleges and subject areas.