DofE Policy

Duke of Edinburgh

Expedition & Mobile Phone Policy

This policy outlines the specifics of mobile technology during any Duke of Edinburgh expeditions at The Voyager School.

  • Students are not permitted to use any form of technology during their allotted expedition hours.
  • One mobile phone will be permitted per group, the number should be submitted to the leadership team prior to the expeditions.
  • The phone is given on the understanding that it is for emergency use only and will be sealed to ensure there is no misuse.
  • There may be a need for the Duke of Edinburgh leader to contact a group and it would be acceptable for the seal to be broken to enable contact to be made.
  • Parents will be provided with the school mobile number to contact should the need arise.
  • All other student phones will be collected on the morning of the expedition by the leader and returned at the end of the expedition to enable contact to be made with home to arrange collection from the finish point.
  • Should any student be found using a phone during their expedition hours for non emergency use, then it will result in them being asked to repeat their expedition at a later date.

The use of other technology such as ipods, MP3’s etc is also prohibited during the expedition and will also result in them being asked to repeat their expedition at a later date.

Students will not be entered for their qualifying expedition until they have completed all 3 of the other sections. Where this has not been possible due to extenuating circumstances it must be discuss with the Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator. This is to ensure that students complete the award within a timely manner.

These guidelines are set out to ensure everyone’s safety during the expeditions and also support students in achieving their Duke of Edinburgh Award without the need to repeat any sections.